In Boca Al Lupo (In The Mouth of the Wolf) is an evening-length work that takes its title from an Italian phrase to wish someone good luck. It is usually followed by the response “Crepi il lupo!” “I will slay the wolf!” to denote victory over a challenging situation. It is also a play on the name of the famous 1960s Cuban songstress La Lupe. She was known not only for her exceptional vocal talent but also for her wild stage antics. This work uses La Lupe, her music and her tragic story as the foundation to explore themes of competition, celebrity, power, artifice, vulnerability and authenticity. The work also culls from my experiences as a television host and girl band member formed via reality show. The experience was alternately thrilling and exhausting, and caused me to reevaluate my concepts of beauty, success, art, and fame.